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How can I improve my cellulite?

Cellulite is a very difficult problem, but it can be improved but never removed. Methods to improve it include mechanical through the vacuum and massage, and the laser especially using the Smoothshapes Machine. And lastly through the internal laser by breaking all the bond that caused the cellulite under the skin using the laser machine.

Are there ways to help reduce fat without surgery?

Yes, there are some methods such as Cryolipolysis whereby the fat is frozen, or the fat is heated with a laser, or with radiofrequency. Mechanical vacuum and massage will also help reduce the size of fat cells by emptying them.

Are there any exercises or diet regimes that will help shrink the skin after weight loss?

Skin laxity is a major problem after weight loss whether the loss of weight is following a surgery or by diet and exercise. The skin cannot be shrunk without surgery, it has to be removed surgically. But if there are small areas of laxity, it can be improved with the external or internal laser or radiofrequency machines.

What is the difference between Liposuction and Liposculpture?

Liposuction is a procedure where the main aim is to remove fat and this is normally done in obese patients. While Liposculpture is the removal of fat and the definition of the muscular body parts, which is done in the slightly overweight individuals where less amount of fat is removed but the main focus is to define the muscles and some areas we have to inject some fat.

Are there different types of Botox as the prices are so much different?

Botox is a chemical product called Botulinum Toxin Type A and this chemical can be extracted from bacteria and manufactured in various ways. The most popular types are the British botox and the American botox. There are also Chinese and Korean products, which are cheaper.

How do you make cheek dimples?

Cheek dimples are easy to perform. It takes a few minutes to do and can be done under local anesthesia whereby the tissue and the fat under the dimple to be created are removed from inside the mouth and then closed with a single stitch. In the beginning the dimple is deep, but within a few weeks it becomes very natural.

Can you correct the nasal bone hump without surgery?

Yes. This can be corrected and the slight deviation of the nose can also be camouflaged by the injection technique whereby calcium hydroxyapatite filler is injected on the bridge of the nose in an aesthetic way to modify the appearance.

Is it true that after Nose Surgery, all noses look the same?

The answer is Yes and No. If the surgeon does only one technique and does not modify the technique based on the patient’s appearance and ethnic background, all the end results would look the same. The best way is to modify the operation based on the patient’s face. Some have Asian round faces, some have European oval faces, some have African faces, and some have Middle Eastern – Latino faces. All of those need to be considered during the procedure in addition to the differences between males and females which has to be considered.

Is there a way of lifting the eyebrows, forehead, or the face without having surgery? Yes.

Eyebrow lift or facelift can be done with thread lift which is a special type of thread placed under the skin in selected areas and is anchored to a fixed point. The technique has evolved over the years and now the most recent threads are the ones that get absorbed within twelve months.

Can Hair Transplantation be done without leaving any scars in the back of the head? Yes.

This is a new technique whereby the individual hair bulbs are removed from the back by method called Extraction and placed in the area desired. This procedure gained popularity because there is no scar in the back and the person can shave his head completely without having any visible marks. Although there is a small disadvantage that the number of the hair bulbs removed or harvested in this way is limited. However there is a new closure method called the Tricophytic Closure whereby the skin is closed in a special way to bury the hair follicles within the scar and later on the hair follicles will grow through the scar thus it becomes less visible

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