Semi Permanent Makeup

Semi Permanent Makeup is a great solution for women looking to save time applying make-up by being an easy base to work on or providing a naturally beautiful, fresh faced look that they can wear every day, it is the newest innovation for beauty.

The Semi permanent Makeup technique is a color that is placed under the top layer of the skin, the epidermis, we use pigments from naturally derived mineral origins and the color composition.

Go to the gym, swim in a pool or go down the beach with confidence knowing you are looking your best.

Our semi permanent makeup treatment include:

  • Eyebrow Enhancement
  • Eye Line
  • Eyelash Enhancement
  • Lip Line
  • Lip Blush
  • Full Lip Color
  • Vitiligo
  • Areola Reconstruction
  • Scar & Skin Camouflage
  • Cleft Lip Reconstruction
  • Hair Simulation

Before the procedure starts, the shape and color for every area will be discussed with the specialist to ensure that our clients will receive the highest standards of treatment and services.

We also offer a range of Medical Micropigmentation treatments for those who have imperfections corrected or would like to conceal scars of skin defects.

For women with alopecia, allergies or disorders that make it difficult to keep their hands steady, semi permanent makeup can dramatically improve satisfaction with their appearance, increase self-esteem and make their morning routine much easier.

Topical anesthetics are used to control pain tolerance before and during the procedure.

Semi-Permanent Makeup is an innovative, non allergenic, dermatological safe, painless micro-pigmentation technique, which enhances your natural appearance for beauty or medical reasons. Products used are tested and certified by internationally renowned scientific institutes.



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