Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Carbon Laser Peel  has revolutionized facial rejuvenation. A  process of Facial Rejuvenation that safe and pleasant.  The carbon laser peel leaves the Facial skin invigorated with reduced pore size,promotes uniform skin coloration and tone from collagen stimulation and resolves acne without medication.  Patients with oily skin enjoy the noticeable reduction in excess oil production in as little as two sessions.Spectra laser

The Spectra laser Peel is a 3 stage process that is quick and painless.

  1.  First the skin is gently cleansed of any extraneous make up, perfumes and oils. Then patented Carbon Lotion is gently massaged onto the forehead, cheeks,nose and chin. After allowing the lotion to dry the first laser process is begun. The laser is set to a high energy but slow delivery.  This slow release of laser energy makes the process extremely comfortable as laser energy absorbed by the carbon spectra lotion gently warms the deeper tissues promoting collagen production the most important factor for anti-aging which leads to better skin tone.
  2. The second stage uses a completely different laser system, one that is designed to gently and accurately remove the carbon lotion. The carbon fragments and vaporized taking away the superficial outer layer of dead skin cells and simultaneously clears and shrinks pores. The laser peel is a fast and easy means of facial rejuvenation.
  3. The third step requires the slow delivery laser again this time removing any remaining debris, oils, dead cells and carbon. Rejuvenating the skin for a better anti-aging result.

After your treatment which takes about 20 minutes your face is washed in gentle cleanser and vitamin-C rich antioxidant applied. The skin will have a flush appearance but cosmetics can be applied just one day later.

It is essentially a superficial resurfacing that has no downtime and is FDA approved.

The depth of resurfacing is 25 microns and has the effect of several superficial peels yet only one treatment.

Although you may see improvement after the first session optimal results are obtained with five sessions spaces 2 weeks apart then annual maintenance.

Patients universally LOVE the carbon Spectra laser peel and the way their face looks and feels afterward. Plus, no downtime!

The spectra peel has been proved safe and effective with significantly less potential for pigmentation changes or scaring than comparable treatments.

Benefits of the Spectra laser Carbon Peel for Anti-Aging

  • Large Unsightly Pores Shrink
  • Reduction in oily skin
  • Yellow/Brown patches fade or disappear
  • Increased Skin Tone and Texture
  • Scar Shrinkage ( must be young scars of smaller diameter)

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Benefits of the Spectra Carbon Peel for Acne

  • Reduces risk of Acne Scars
  • Simultaneously targets P. Acne bacteria and shrinks the Sebaceous gland
  • Normalizes skin cell layering
  • Reduces Sebum and gland size 30%
  • Reduces the size of cysts, papules and acne nodules
  • Safe and effective for ALL types of Acne

The carbon laser peel treats all the causes of acne at the skin level at each session. While results can be notable at the first session in general at least three at 2 week intervals.  The shrinkage of the sebaceous gland is essential because the excess secretion of sebum is a major initial cause of adult and teen acne.