Lip Reduction / Lip Augmentation

A lip reduction is done to enhance the look of a patient’s lips. Patients who want to reduce the size of their lips will have to undergo surgical procedures. The incisions are usually made inside the mouth so that the sutures and scars are imperceptible.

Lip augmentation is for patients who want to have fuller lips and they may opt for fillers that are injected into the lips such as Restylane® or Juvederm®.

Lip Augmentation

For patients who do not want foreign substances injected to their lips, they can opt for the use of their own fat which is taken from their other body parts, usually from the abdomen. Because it is fat from the body, it will not be rejected and will eventually be absorbed.

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Length of Operation

1 – 2 hours, depending on the compliancy of the procedure

Time off Work

For surgical procedures, your recovery can take up to two weeks after the surgery. You will need at least three days off from work, at minimum. The recovery time for synthetic filler procedures is less than a week. For patients who had fat injections, they are advised to take off five to seven days from work, as the area of fat injection may swell for a week or longer.