First founded in Khobar, KSA in 2004, Med Art Clinics specializes in a range of surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures that enhance customer satisfaction and self-confidence. Following its success and popular demand for a second branch.

Med Art Clinics soon opened another branch in Riyadh 2005 and in 2006, a third branch was opened in Dubai.

Med Art Clinics is headed by Medical Director and Founder, Dr. Jamal Jomah, a triple-board certified plastic surgeon practicing in Dubai, UAE and Saudi Arabia. Dr. Jomah’s prowess and determination has led Med Art Clinics’ three branches to comprise 120 team members. Following his vision for excellence, a league of the region’s leading cosmetic, dental and skin surgeons, and the most experienced nurses in the field aim to make service quality their priority, using the most advanced technology.

Our Services

  • Aesthetic Service

    The aim of Medart Clinic is to make our client look good and feel better about themselves by using the latest cosmetic tools and innovative treatments. We excel in providing consultations and services that are customized to the requirements of client.

  • Plastic Surgery

    Plastic surgery is used to restore and repair damaged cells, and reconstruct normal function or appearance. We cover a wide range of procedures, from simple operations such as laser Chin augmentation to pioneering surgeries.

  • Dentistry

    At Medart Clinic, we focus on providing reliable and high-quality routine, cosmetic and dental care services. The facility is state-of - the-art and your care will be in the hands of a group dedicated to providing you with the best possible dental treatment.

  • Dermatology

    Dermatology is a profession dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions and disorders. We aim to have a number of solutions to every skin problem in order to customize care in a clinical, structured way that is specifically tailored to your needs.

What you get

  • Experienced Doctors

    We have well experienced doctors in the field of Plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery.

  • Best quality care

    We aim to provide the best quality care in a safe, relaxed and comfortable environment for everyone.

  • Ultra-advanced equipment

    We have latest Technology and equipment in the beauty industry