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5 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Getting Lip Injections

5 Things I Wish I

Women prefer to have soft, smooth, and plump lips. The plump lip is more defining, whereas; thin lips are not so prominent. To enhance the beauty of lips, we like to wear lipstick, but it is not a permanent solution. That’s why cosmetic surgery promotes lip injections to plump up your lips. It is obviously an effective procedure, but you must learn about basic things before undergoing this treatment.

Five things you should know before getting lip injections

Choosing the right kind of lip injector is a prime step you’ll take

When it is a matter of your skin, you must choose a trained and certified professional who completes the procedure safely. You may want to choose a lip injector who’ll listen and understand your requirements and use their skillset to make it happen. A professional lip injector must care about you and your expectations.

How to make the right choice:

  • Read professional experience, your injector must be an MD, NP, RN, or PA
  • Browse photos and technologies of their professional websites as pictures said a lot of things about him
  • Read the client’s review and check case studies and success stories.

Bigger lips do not always look. 

Bigger lips are always tempting to go dramatic. Voluminous lips are suitable for a plump pout. It may be good for an Instagram picture but not good for real. Thus, You need to focus on the lip shape and size which flatters your face. A professional lip injector strategically places filler on your lips using the correct amount of formulation, making you flatter. Remember, voluminous lips should not be overfilled or over-dramatic.

Before you even make the appointment, you want to take some real time to contemplate how you need your lips to look.

Ensure you discuss this with your corrective specialist whether you’d like a natural or a more enticing look.

Depending upon how you may like to rectify or change the structure of your lips, or for instance, you simply want them to look a little voluminous, which will be an appropriate technique that your doctor implements.

 Prep for your appointment to reduce your risk of bruising

Just like any other cosmetic procedure, swelling and bruising are normal after lip injections, but you can do the following things to speed up the healing process:

  • Avoid alcohol, aspirin, and blood-thinning medicines for one week before and after your lip injection appointment.
  • You may use some arnica to speed up the healing process. It is a natural supplement that limits swelling and bruising.

When you are in confusion, start with a small step.

If you are not clear how much volume you need, start with a subtle appearance and build once you understand how much you need lip volume to look flattering. If you feel your lips get bigger than enough, you can dissolve the hyaluronic acid at any time or wait to reduce your lip volume naturally within the next few months.

Give yourself time to heal.

Don’t schedule any program for the day of your appointment. It’s best to avoid major social gatherings after the treatment for at least 15 days. Because the application of lip injection causes swelling and bruising, thus, you won’t feel confident to step out with swollen lips.

.These are five basic things you have to understand before going under treatment. But the foremost crucial thing is finding out the best clinic for plastic surgery in Dubai. But don’t need to worry that Med Art Clinic is here to help you in every aspect of dermatology and cosmetic treatment. We hire the best dermatologist in Dubai; they are certified and experienced; first, they check your lip condition, document your physical history and ongoing medications, then offer the best lip injection which would be flattering on your lips. We mainly use Hyaluronic acid injection to plump up your skin which eventually increases the beauty of your face.

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