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Can Breast reduction help shoulder and neck pain?

Can Breast reduction help shoulder and neck pain

Voluminous breast is good, but an over-sized breast is not a blessing. Abnormally large breasts are also known as “Macromastia,” It causes several physical complications from shoulder and back pain to migraines. 

Larger breast pull the shoulders down by its heavyweight and cause poor posture, and develop shoulder and neck pain. The open Orthopaedics journal has reviewed that breast-related shoulder neck pain is the consequence of alteration in the center of gravity, and oversized breasts generate continuous tension on the middle and lower fibers of the trapezius muscle and linked muscle groups. The pain gets increased if women with bigger breasts wear the wrong size bra. A study in 2013 has proved that large breasts and increased BMI lead to thoracic pain.

Many people ask whether breast reduction can reduce shoulder and neck pain.

Breast reduction surgery is a safe and effective plastic surgery procedure that reduces the shape and volume of the breast, relieves neck and back pain. If a woman has abnormally large breasts, it can interfere with her quality of life. It leads to chronic shoulder and back pain. In this situation, doctors prescribe breast reduction procedures. A certified and experienced plastic surgeon must perform breast reduction surgery to minimize the side effects. Extra tissue and skin are cut off from the breasts during the breast reduction procedure. The plastic surgeon used special techniques to do all steps precisely. They make a small incision around the areola (The dark part around the nipple) and down the breast, then the next doctor eliminates excess breast tissue, fat, and skin to decrease the volume of each breast. The areola and nipple typically stay connected to save their blood supply and keep up with feeling in the areola later medical procedure. In some uncommon cases, however, the areola and nipple should be eliminated and reattached at a higher position on the breast as a skin unit. This makes the nipple less sensitive after the medical procedure. The candidate should have a good health condition, be immunologically strong, and tolerate general anaesthesia. The candidate should have enough breast tissue remaining after the surgery because the surgeon will reshape into a smaller breast suitable to her physique and body weight.

Breast reduction surgery relieves chronic back and shoulder pain, neck muscle spasms due to heavy breasts. Other common advantages include better posture, improved physical appearance, and decreased breast irritation. The breast reduction surgery improves overall appearance, self-esteem and allows her to participate more comfortably in physical activity. The basic risk of breast reduction procedures is primarily equivalent to any medical procedure: infection, bleeding, injuries, and blood clot. After the medical procedure, you might experience a lack of sensation in the nipple and areola. It’s likewise essential that the candidate understands there will be long-lasting scarring within and outside her breasts. The scars will fade after some time, but they never disappear. On the off chance that she has developed deep shoulder grooves because of bra strap pressure, those scars probably will remain after the medical procedure. However, the strap pressure will be decreased.

In some instances, breast reduction surgery causes difficulties in breastfeeding. But it depends on the surgical procedure that has been used. Thus, your first step would be to find our expert surgeon, ask him about the procedure he would perform, and talk about your concern about breastfeeding. Like any other surgery, you will feel a mild to moderate pain level after the procedure. The pain can be alleviated with pain killers. However, the pain won’t last long. Complete recovery usually requires two months, but within 15 days a candidate can resume his regular life. The plastic surgeon will advise not to lift heavy things or perform high-intensity physical activity for four weeks after breast reduction surgery.
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