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Laser Tattoo Removal Procedure, Benefits, and Risk

Laser Tattoo Removal Procedure

What is laser tattoo removal?

Laser tattoo removal is an advanced technique to remove tattoos using a high-powered laser. The laser penetrates a deep layer of skin and permanently demolishes the ink molecule present in the cell that brings color to the tattoo of skin. Different types of lasers have been used to eliminate tattoos. The intensity of the laser depends on the color and pigment of the ink. 

The tattoo removal technique depends on the type of tattoo and the individual who wants to remove their tattoo. In common cases, people require a series of small sessions 1-2 months apart to eliminate the tattoo completely. Tattoo removal experts determine the number of sessions after checking the nature of the tattoo, though it is difficult to say earlier. Generally, 5-10 sessions are required, but an individual may need 20 small series of sessions in some cases with high-density pigment. Experts said that the variability of the session depends on many elements, including colour, size, age of the tattoo, location. With advanced technology in the present years, the result of laser tattoo removal has become more promising by enhancing efficacy levels and decreasing the chance of adverse effects.

Benefits of laser tattoo removal

Laser tattoo removal is a permanent solution to wipe out a tattoo from your skin completely. There are many personal and professional reasons why an individual wants to remove their favourite tattoo from their body. The reason may be due to employment prospects, or the individual is not happy with his old tattoo or old one now does not suit his personality. In some industries, tattoos create negative stigma; sometimes, it may be linked with unprofessionalism in the workspace.

How does laser tattoo removal work?

The first expert chooses laser energy according to age, the pigment of the tattoo, and individual skin. They use a laser beam of energy to break down the ink underneath your skin, and ink breaks down into smaller particles. The multi-coloured tattoo needs to be removed by multiple lasers with different frequencies. The body removes those small ink particles naturally by its innate immunity.

Will laser treatment entirely wipe out my tattoo?

Laser tattoo removal is a promising method to remove tattoos completely. But in some rare cases, tattoos won’t remove through it completely because some tattoo colors are resistant to laser energy, they don’t break, and few pigments are so intense that they require multiple series of laser treatments. 

Some colors of the tattoo can be more easily removed than other colors. Blue and black ink respond fast to laser energy because they absorb the laser light completely.

Risk of laser tattoo removal

Tattoo removal is difficult for dark-colored skin people or those who want to remove the multi-color tattoo. In some cases, skin texture gets altered due to laser energy.

In major cases, people who undergo laser tattoo removal need a series of laser treatments to wipe out the tattoo completely. Skin complications increase with increasing the intensity of the laser beam, and the series of laser treatments are very costly and need proper aftercare to avoid adverse effects.

The laser procedure is a bit uncomfortable and mildly painful. Some people experience pain after laser tattoo removal. To minimize the pain, experts use local anesthesia before treatment.

There is a high chance of infection after the laser procedure; thus, experts use enough preventive measures before and after the treatment. Thus, we recommend you take the laser tattoo removal service from an authentic and certified clinic. 

Med Art is the best clinic for tattoo removal. Here the entire procedure is performed by a laser skin specialist in Dubai. Laser tattoo removal is an FDA-approved procedure that is completely safe. Our experts use 360-degree preventive measures to reduce the chance of adversity.

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