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Are you planning to do breast reduction surgery?

visit The Med Art Clinic Dubai where you’ll have a detailed consultation with our Surgeon about the surgery and procedure.

Breast reduction surgery is done to reduce the size of the female breast by removing breast tissue. Sometimes, larger breasts in a woman can result in a painful back condition, sore neck and shoulders, or possible discomfort caused by clothes and brassieres that cannot support the weight and shape of the breasts. A procedure can correct this discomfort. It is widely considered attractive to have well-shaped, full breasts. However, if they grow very large breasts, clinically known as symptomatic macromastia, many women feel awkward. surgery may become necessary when physical problems such as backache or emotional distress are caused by the size of the breasts.


The cosmetic procedure removes excess skin from the breast area, making it smaller, lighter, and lifter. surgery helps women who are depressed by the size of their breasts or who may have one breast bigger than the other to reduce the risk of back and neck pain if they have a bad posture. surgery also helps you to wear a wider selection of clothes that will also benefit women who want to play sports. If you’ve decided to explore having a breast reduction, you’ll need to go to The Med Art Clinic where you’ll have a detailed consultation with one of our plastic and reconstructive surgeons offering this surgery.


From a medical point of view, our doctors will always be honest with you, and we will either suggest that you continue with breast reduction surgery or that you take other steps first. If you’re overweight, for example, you might need to lose weight first. You may need to wait until your breasts develop before breast reduction is recommended if you are still in your teens.

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