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Med Art Clinics provides the best male breast reduction surgery in UAE, Dubai and in KSA, Al Khobar and Riyadh

Male Breast reduction surgery is plastic surgery that is to reduce the abnormal enlargement of male breasts, a condition known as Gynecomastia.

Cosmetic surgery involves redefining the shape of the breast muscles to achieve a more masculine look and a higher sense of self-confidence. Male Chest Reduction, Gynaecomastia operation involves liposuction or VASER and surgical excision.

The type of gynecomastia surgery needed to achieve the best result would depend on the amount of fat and breast tissue present. It is rarely required to remove the skin from the breast, therefore scarring should be minimal. For large male breast augmentation,2-stage gynecomastia surgery may be recommended.

Careful analysis will be required and optimal gynecomastia surgery will be addressed at the time of the consultation. Reduction of breast tissue and fatty tissue in Gynaecomastia retains the normal appearance of the male chest, allowing the patient to wear normal clothing, swim or expose the chest without the embarrassment associated with Man Boobs.

Recovery It may take several weeks to recover from breast reduction surgery.

You might need to take a few days off work.

You may have a few weeks of sore, swollen, bruised breasts.

Wear an elastic compression garment day and night for One to Two weeks after surgery. These help to support your chest while it heals. How long you need to keep your dressings on will depend on how long your wounds heal. In one to Two weeks, the stitches will either dissolve or be removed. Avoid stretching, vigorous exercise, and heavy lifting for about three weeks after surgery.

It will take about six weeks until you can completely return to your normal activities. You can drive again when it’s no longer painful to wear a seat belt, which may be a few weeks after surgery. It may take up to six months to see the full results of your surgery.

For the best plastic surgery and male breast reduction surgery in UAE, Dubai and in KSA, Al Khobar and Riyadh, contact Med Art Clinics.