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The drooping neck may be a major concern for many patients seeking a surgical or non-surgical solution.

Young patients may grow a fat, sagging neck due to genetic inheritance, but most neck sagging is due to obesity and aging. A few things happen to the neck as people age.

The skin loses firmness and becomes soft, the fat reduces and the gravity changes, creating traditional jowls and fat under the lip. Muscles often lose their strength and size or become thinner in bands, platys bands.

Skin loses collagen and hyaluronic acid, with sun damage and smoking, pigmentation, fine blood vessels, and wrinkles start emerging. In Med Art Clinics UAE, Dubai and in KSA, Al Khobar and Riyadh, we provide the best neck lift service for you.

For the best Neck Lift in Dubai, Al Khobar and Riyadh, contact Med Art Clinics.