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Med Art Clinics provides the best porcelain veneers treatment in Dubai.

Dental veneers are made of shells of porcelain or composite resin designed to cover the frontal surface of teeth to improve the appearance.


are custom-made to fit over teeth, offering a natural and attractive look. Procedure for veneers of porcelain. The procedure would require three appointments: assessment and recovery preparation: you will want to play an active role in the scheduling of your smile project. Your dentist will look at the corrective limitations of this procedure and help you plan your new smile.


The second appointment will take between one to two hours. Although the porcelain veneer is very thin, the teeth are lightly buffered to allow for additional thickness. Depending on the type of veneer used, no surface of the tooth or approximately half a millimeter of the tooth surface may be removed. It may require little or no regional anesthesia. Then the mold is removed from the teeth and sent to the manufacturing lab. If your teeth are too unsightly, a temporary veneer can be placed at this time. The veneer should be ready in about one to two weeks. Bonding: At the time of your third appointment, your dentist will first put the water or glycerin veneer on your teeth test their health and color. At this point, the color of the veneer can still be adjusted by the shade of the cement used to adhere to it. Once the color is determined and the veneer is prepared to be applied, the tooth is washed with specific chemicals to ensure bonding. A special cement is placed between the teeth and the veneer, and it is hardened using a visible beam of light. This appointment will take one to two hours.

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