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The Carbon Spectra Peel

process will take about one hour. You will see both immediate and long-term effects, which can help to improve and decrease skin pores, eliminate excess sebum, pigment shifts, fine lines, and post-acne scars.

First, we will try to add a carbon solution to your skin. Once applied, it makes it look like you’re wearing a mud mask. From there, we’ll start applying laser energy to your skin using a laser handpiece. You might hear a gentle snapping noise, or you might feel a mild tingling. The laser treatment itself is quite gentle, so, we’re going to have to make three moves over your skin to get the best results.

As the laser moves through your body, the carbon on the ground will absorb the heat and transfer it to your skin below. As a consequence, the top layer of your body is exfoliated.

The laser energy works to break down any pigment that your body holds. It also helps promote the build-up of collagen, which can help to reduce these fine lines. If you’re hoping for a quick rejuvenation that will help you get from our offices to the red carpet, this is the way to go!

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