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Surgical fat transfer-cosmetic procedure

Surgical fat transfer

The surgical fat transfer is a plastic surgery technique to eliminate fat from one part of the body to another part. The medical term of this procedure is known as “fat grafting” or “lip modelling.” This procedure aims to eliminate unnecessary fat from a particular area of the body, for example, thighs or tummy, and use this fat to enhance the shape of this particular area, such as the bottom or breast. A surgical fat transfer performed to enhance the bottom also popular as Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

Having a surgical fat transfer is a bold decision, and the procedure is highly expensive. We suggest you take advice from an experienced and certified plastic surgeon before going under the knife. As your queries and say about your expectation from fat transfer technique. The surgeon will check your medical history and pre-existing medication, then decide whether it is right for you or not.

Pricing of a surgical fat transfer procedure depends upon the technique your surgeon will follow and the size of the area being treated. There might be additional expenses for consultation, recovery, aftercare, and any other follow-up care you need.

What is the actual procedure?

Fat grafting is also popular as autologous fat transfer. It is an advanced technique in the field of breast reconstruction. In this advanced cosmetic technique, fat tissue is eliminated from other parts of your body, commonly from thighs, buttocks, and belly via liposuction, then the tissue is processed in liquid and injected into the target area like breast or buttock and reshape them. 

The second form of fat grafting is lipofilling; it is generally used to fix minor abnormalities in the reconstructed buttocks or breast’s position, balance, and shape. As this procedure worked well, surgeons believe that the procedure is going to rebuild a complete breast using only grafted fat.

Advantages of fat grafting:

  • It uses the body’s own fat tissue instead of an implant
  • Fat is eliminated from a body part where it is not required
  • Most of the women reported that fat-graft reconstruction has a better sensation and feels very soft, just like a traditional breast implant.

Are fat transfer results permanent?

The fat transfer result is semi-permanent because not all grafted fat is going to survive. The plastic surgeon must proceed with your treatment to be well-experienced and skilled in this particular fat grafting procedure and know-how to ensure all fat will survive. Harvesting is essential in fat transfer. Thus, it is vital to evaluate the technique and understand each step of the procedure.

According to a study, 50-70% of the total transferred fat remains long-term and behaves like normal fat. Even this subcutaneous fat grows with gradual weight gain. With time, be that as it may, it will start to wind down close to your other fat deposits. This ought not to occur before numerous years, be that as it may.

Following factors will influence the longevity of your result:

Skill & experience of your surgeon: Here, the devastation is very important, how your surgeon harvested and purified the farm and how and where he is going to inject. The more knowledgeable and experienced surgeon and the more in-depth the technique, the long-lasting will be the consequence.

The technique involved:  The process is known as micro fat grafting. It is the best way to make sure that the highest percentage of grafted fat is required to take.

How well your body accepts the fat transfer technique: The infused fat should build up a fresh blood supply from your body and get the sustenance it needs for endurance. When this occurs, results can and frequently are permanent; notwithstanding, there might be a level of fat that doesn’t take, which is why touch up techniques are once in a while essential. Way of life factors, for example, smoking, can affect this.

Finally, we would say, Fat transfer or fat grafting are very sensitive procedures. You need to have it from a certified and authentic clinic. Med Art Clinic is a certified clinic, performs the best fat grafting under the supervision of a senior surgeon to make the result long-lasting. However, Med Art Clinic is the best liposuction clinic in Dubai.

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